In 2014 I took my first step into filmmaking. To enter the reboot of Project Greenlight, I wrote a plot, cast my family, and shot a short film over 1 day on my uncle's farm in Wisconsin. The full short is currently being re-edited with a fresh perspective. 



Building a startup with the InterneT

We were building a community for the internet, so why not build it with them? We live-streamed each work session, and the response was incredible. On our first live session, we got the attention of the local news, the live streaming platform, and thousands of startup voyeurs...err...enthusiasts with invaluable feedback on what were trying to do. The experience led to a weekly show promoted by USTREAM, and a consistent following. 

Unfortunately the venture folded after several business pivots and other obligations took priority. 



Connecting like-minded entrepreneurs

Following graduation, I was itching to be in the startup world and was eager to make things. I had ideas, but i'd always get caught up when it came to finding developers partners. As a result, Linkminded was born.  It was an invite only, location-based online community for design and developer entrepreneurs. With the help of Startup Weekend, i was able to get it off the ground. We had hundreds of users and thousands on the invite waitlist before having to shut it down due to other obligations.