Perfect is Boring

The Kansas City chapter of AIGA (The National Association for Design) needed a fresh new brand for their annual A Awards competition. For the ninth year of this series of awards shows, we ran with the idea of the number nine being just shy of a perfect 10. It illustrates that no design is truly perfect, and that's the beauty of it.

Project completed in collaboration with Laura Berglund. 



The campaign featured quirky pedestrian-style photography of all things "nine" paired with some bold language.



Here's to the nines

When it came to the big night, we worked to extend the quirky brand into the event space with everything from a fun step & repeat, to energizing event introduction video. 


Director: Frankie Oviedo / Produced by Liquid 9


Designer/Art Director/Photographer: Joshua Eithun, Laura Berglund
Writer: Claire Gude

Director: Frankie Oviedo
Production: Liquid 9